Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The best taxi driver

So I’m in the taxi, the driver’s name is bruce. A kind one, thickly bearded, of the ex-biker variety.
He tells me he’s listening to the quiz show, which sounds like an interesting taxi activity for the 10 minute ride home. We tune in just in time for question 22: which of the following loses heat the quickest? Plants, the soil, or the sea?
Bruce reckons it’s the soil, definitely the soil, its gotta be the soil coz, ya know, doesn’t it, like (and here an up and down hand gesture ensues, representing some kind of heat movement, ground up…)?
I tell him I’m not so sure, I think it has to do with surface area and depth and that maybe plants might be the winners here, but then again, being the embodied antithesis of physics, I’m not so sure… and then an interference on the AM waves deprives us of the correct answer. We resume the game at question 24. ‘it’s the second last’, bruce tells me. He’s a quiz show addict, clearly.
Radioman: what was the FIRST full length feature film to be ENTIRELY computer generated?
Bruce: (scratching his beard) Computer generated? It’d ‘ave to be somethin like starwars wuddn’it?
Me; I dunno, bruce. He said computer made, I think it might be something like shrek, or toy story. Maybe bugs’ life. (spot the disney/pixar/etc fan). Something animated. Toy story. That’s the earliest I can remember.
Bruce: yeh? I ‘avent seen those. I’ve seen shrek though. Is that what he means? I didn’t really like shrek. (pause). Nah, starwars I reckon.
Radioman: toy story it is! Congratulations!
(my brain: that’s right bruce! You’re going down!)
radioman: next question: Which actor appeared in the following 3 movies: patch adams, almost famous, and twister?
Clearly neither bruce nor myself are big enough blockbuster aficionados, as the following discussion goes to prove:
Bruce: right-o, robin williams was in patch adams, but he wasn’t in twister, and I ‘aven’t seen the other one. Helent hunt was in twister though (beard scratch), but he said actor didn’t he? Actor’s a man right?
Me: its is. I think it might be a secondary actor though, because I can’t think of a familiar face in all three movies…
At, this point, sadly, we are almost home, and bruce is still trying to piece together the missing link between robin williams and helen hunt. The radio goes fuzzy again and we miss the final answer. I’ve just got enough for the ride. ‘that’ll do, mate. thanks’.
You rock bruce.


Blogger Nyx said...

nice post moji :-)

4:14 AM  
Blogger Arsh said...

cool post.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous tigress said...

yeah, that missing link between Williams and hunt is bruce himself I reckon ;) nice one. . .

7:01 AM  

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