Saturday, January 21, 2006

Oh brother

What’s good? Well today was pretty eventful thanks to a kid I call my brother. In school he's a clown...he's more worried about being a smartarse than getting good grades. Yeah it’s pretty funny to me but not as much to the folks. Come to find out today he starts his 3 day suspension from school. Why you ask? His mobile phone. Apparently it went off in class...but he's been getting in trouble for much worse. One of his teachers can’t stand him, and my brother feels the same way towards her. He loves to go out of his way to give the teacher a hard time and the teacher loves to give him a referral for his troubles. As hard as it is to believe...the boy aint dumb. Hell he used to be an honour roll student. Now he probably thinks "screw that". The parents now hold possession of the mobile, so who knows when he's getting that back. But when he does get off suspension he'll probably be up to his old tricks cuz he's too stubborn to change em'. Oh well...not my problem.


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